Products and Services

  1. wmtvcm2013-thumbWing Mate Call Center: 24/7: Always Open. You can call SAME telephone number anytime regardless time. Directly operated department.
  2. Seat Tracking System (SEAT-MAN):Tracking your preferred seats 24/7
    Seat-Man Request Form
  3. $500,000.00 Flight Insurance Automatic Enrollment: Every Single time you purchase the ticket, Wing Mate can provides automatically flight insurance up to $500,000.00 enrollment.
  4. Designated professional travel agent: Every corporate customer can be provided with our professional operation agent. We can see what you would like.
  5. Travel Credit Bank Account:Do you know how much credit you have? We manage your travel credit for your future travel.
  6. Profile Update:Notified with your passport / credit card will be done before the expiration.
    Corporate Profile Form
  7. “No” Charge for leisure travel:You just pay ticket / package price. No hidden charge.
  8. Full Refund Cancellation Service:We will money back if you cancel your reservation by 6pm next business day.
  9. Rebooking Service: We maintain your seat on your tentative tripas long as we can.
    Rebook Service Request Form
  10. Visa Service: We have experienced visa procedure with affordable price. (More Details)