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Toshi Iwama In the summer of 1995, when the bubble burst in Japan, the Japanese Yen was as strong as 90 Yen to a Dollar, when Picher Nomo (Los Angeles Dodgers) was flourishing, and in the time where the use of the Internet was becoming more and more prominent, Wing Mate was founded in Gardena city, Los Angeles.

At the time, we were unable to issue tickets, not to mention the limited amount of capital. Although for a while, there were only 3 employees including myself, we have grown into an agency specializing in corporate travel by utilizing our own business expertise and experiences, initially focusing on travel arrangements to Japan.

The airlines in the United States become extremely competitive and regardless of their size or reputation, as with Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, Virgin America customers were able to make educated purchases with the use of the Internet. In other words, it is to be thought that only the more knowledgeable and technologically advanced professionals who understand the responsibilities of the industry would be able to survive.

Presently, the degree of our distinction and reputation has risen, however at Wing Mate, the more and most important thing is to improve the quality of service and putting emphasis on our business method (24/7 operation, etc.), which other companies find difficult to imitate. Because of the confidence of our customers, we were able to grow into professionals of the travel industry.

In contrast with other Japanese travel agencies who issue tickets to Japan solely, we at Wing Mate Prove the best quality service in any traveling circumstances. Our operations office is are located in San Jose, Seattle, New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, all of which are staffed with a small number of elite professionals.

In summer of 2012, we are pleased to announce starting an affiliate program with ALTOUR, mega U.S. travel agency. With the program, we can offer best service in addition to our best quality service. We are confident the program any Japanese travel agencies for our higher quality of the services.

Now and always, our business policy will remain unchanged: meeting our customers’ every need and purpose of travel (for a business trip, pleasure, family vacation, etc.) by utilizing our unbeatable technology and knowledge.

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