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Wing Mate/ALTOUR Services

Worldwide Call Center
24/7: Always Open. You can call SAME telephone number anytime regardless time. Directly operated department.

Seat Tracking System (SEAT-MAN)
Tracking your preferred seats 24/7
Seat-Man Request Form

Designated professional travel agent
Every corporate customer can be provided with our professional operation agent. We can see what you would like.

Travel Credit Bank Account
Do you know how much credit you have? We manage your travel credit for your future travel.

Profile Update
Notified with your passport / credit card will be done before the expiration.

"NO" Charge for leisure travel
You just pay ticket / package price. No hidden charge.

Full Refund Cancellation Service
We will money back if you cancel your reservation by 6pm next business day.

Rebooking Service
We maintain your seat on your tentative trip as long as we can.

Wing Mate TVCM